We now provide event control solutions with the provision of a mobile unit that can be set up on-site and includes many facilities that can otherwise be very difficult to arrange when in a remote location.  

Our event control unit provides power solutions for running computers and supports mobile phone charging, as well as printing, laminating and running radio network software. Most importantly, the hot water boiler is always available for tea and coffee!

With a custom-fit weather-tight awning, the vehicle provides space for the set up of office facilities for your extended event staff, including your medical and static marshal managers.  

The unit can also be a great support facility for long distance cycle rides. In addition to the above facilities, it provides a WC, hot and cold water, a microwave oven and heating system. The perfect solution for aid stations, rest periods and general event support.


We will be pleased to provide you with more details about our support unit. 

Contact us on  (+44) 07776 324236 or use our contact form.
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